CUPS Cloud Print Release – CDD Support, other fixes

Google have apparently recently discontinued the ‘legacy’ capabilities function of the Google Cloud Print API. Unfortunately CUPS Cloud Print relied on this, so has been broken for most users. I’ve now updated CUPS Cloud Print to use the new ‘CDD’ ( Cloud Device Description ) feature, and printing with this new version should once again work properly with the 20160502 version.

All users should upgrade, packages are currently rolling out for all supported Distros/Operating Systems ( see here ).

Installation instructions, as always are here.


  • New: Use CCD instead of ( now broken ) old legacy format
  • Fix: Add refresh tokens to launchd on Darwin package
  • Fix: Suggest installing texlive-lang-cjk in debian package
  • Fix: Delete /usr/share/cloudprint-cups/.cache on Gentoo ebuild uninstall
  • Change: Upgrade oauth2client to 1.5.2
  • Change: Write temp files to disk on Darwin if ps2pdf not present