CUPS Cloud Print July Release – Refactored code, many bug fixes, Mac OS X package

There hasn’t been a new release of CUPS Cloud Print in while, and as a lot of bugfixes and changes have been made I’ve decided it’s about time to release a new version.

Over the past few months there has been a lot of work bugfixing, tidying and refactoring the code ( massive thanks goes to Jacob Marble at Google for help with this ) to increase the performance and generally make the software more maintainable and usable.

The new release is currently rolling out to the repositories, and should be available to install shortly.

As always, if you encounter any issues, please post an issue on Github.

Changelog highlights:

  • New: Split printer class into seperate Printer and PrinterManager classes
  • New: OS X package support
  • New: Added SELinux support to RPM packages
  • New: Added refresh token cron script
  • Fix: Use python interpreter when python2 interpreter not available.
  • Fix: Setup script shows printer names in multiple columns, instead of one column.
  • Fix: Now PEP8 compliant
  • Fix: Detect _lp as valid cups group in configure script
  • Change: Moved testing data and scripts into ‘testing’ subdirectory
  • Change: Changed protocol to gcp:// instead of cloudprint://