CUPS Cloud Print March Release – more bugfixes

The March release of CUPS Cloud Print is currently rolling out to the repositories, and has yet more bugfixes.

The main bug fixed this month was an issue regarding having multiple printers in the same Google Cloud Print account with the same name, this should now work correctly ( previously having two printers with the same name in the same account caused CUPS Cloud Print to pick one printer and ignore the other ). Printing from Adobe Reader should also now work correctly.

Full changelog:

  • Security: Only log access token to log file in debug mode
  • New: Support printers with same name in same account
  • New: Log now pipe delimited and contains timestamp
  • Fix: Set UseCIEColor when converting postscript file to pdf, fixes printing files generated by Adobe Reader
  • Fix: Set page name to Untitled when page printed with no name
  • Fix: Open oauth2 config file in read only mode if access denied to write, fixes running under Mac OS X
  • Fix: No longer run upgrade script on fresh install
  • Fix: Fix the log file permissions on creation or upgrade, only adjust owners and permissions if needed to change
  • Fix: Exclude groups that cant be correct for cups group when discovering CUPS group
  • Fix: Discover CUPS group by examining CUPS log file ownerships, then PPD directory if logs missing
  • Change: Sanitised the indentation of python files
  • Change: Removed upgrade message about location of files changing
  • Change: Moved common functions into utils class, allows better unit testing
  • Change: Centralised logging setup into utils script