CUPS Cloud Print January Release – Moved to /usr/share

In the new release of CUPS Cloud Print, the major change is the migration of the scripts from /usr/lib/cloudprint to /usr/share/cloudprint , to comply with the UNIX Filesystem Hierarchy Standards, and reduce warnings/errors when creating packages.

Another change since the last release is the addition of signing of the RPM, and Arch Linux packages.

Full changelog:

  • NEW: When invalid OAuth2 code used, show the error message
  • NEW: Can now delete associated printers when deleting an account
  • NEW: Added test script for post-packaging testing
  • CHANGE: Moved files from /usr/lib/ to /usr/share

More information, and packages for the most common Linux distributions are available on the CUPS Cloud Print home page .

Users using repositories to install CUPS Cloud Print will receive the update automatically when updating their system next.