CUPS Cloud Print October Release – Landscape printing fixes

This month I’ve been focusing on fixing page orientation ( landscape/portrait printing ).

Landscape printing should now be supported properly – CUPS Cloud Print will use imagemagick ( the 20131009 release used pdfjam, which had a lot of dependencies, and seems to have issues running under the ‘lp’ user under some distros, so this was changed for the 20131013 release ) to rotate the PDF to the correct orientation.

Full changelog:

  • CHANGE: Use imagemagick for rotating PDFs instead of pdfjam due to issues with CentOS and Fedora
  • FIX: Override default for when applications assume wrong default values ( eg duplex )
  • FIX: No longer error on adding printers with duplicate capability names,
  • FIX: Landscape printing should now work correctly on all printers
  • FIX: Ignore duplicate parameters
  • FIX: Detect duplex option
  • FIX: Adding printers with prefix no longer errors
  • CHANGE: pdfjam dependency now required
  • CHANGE: List cloud printers script now shows display name instead of printer name

More information, and packages for the most common Linux distributions are available on the CUPS Cloud Print home page .

Users using repositories to install CUPS Cloud Print will receive the update automatically when updating their system next.