CUPS Cloud Print Minor Release – shows version number, more capability fixes

The September 2013 release of CUPS Cloud Print is rolling out to repositories currently, and has many fixes to how print options are handled.

Print options specified when a document is printed are now obeyed, so whether to print in colour for example can be selected on a per-print-job basis.

The individual parts of CUPS Cloud Print can also now report their version numbers, for example:

/usr/lib/cloudprint-cups/ version

Returns the version number of the list cloud printers command ( 20130914 in this example ):

CUPS Cloud Print Printer Lister Version 20130914 133422

There is a known issue with some versions of LibreOffice not submitting user-selected print options ( color/black choice, paper size etc ), this is still be investigated

Full changelog:

  • NEW: Use display name if available for generating values for ppd
  • NEW: Added version param to scripts
  • NEW: Added test cases and list of capabilities for testing internal name function
  • FIX: Prevent duplicate options and capabilities being generated
  • FIX: Post name of capability instead of internal hash, should fix issues with capabilities failing to work correctly
  • FIX: Fixed displaying of errors from Google side ( eg when print proxy is down )
  • FIX: Allow overriding print params per print job
  • CHANGE: Removed gcp_ prefix for capabilities ( unless conflicts with reserved words )

More information, and packages for the most common Linux distributions are available on the CUPS Cloud Print home page .

Users using repositories to install CUPS Cloud Print will receive the update automatically when updating their system next.