CUPS Cloud Print Release – OAuth2 support

The newest release of CUPS Cloud Print of CUPS Cloud Print is now available.

This release has a major change in the way that authentication works – previous releases used the ( now depreciated ) ‘ClientLogin’ authentication method, which required storage of your Google username and password in plaintext.

With the latest release, you simply need to authorized allow CUPS Cloud Print to use your account for printing, and your username and password are not required to be stored, and old login information will be purged upon running the script .

Another ( related ) major addition is that it is now possible to add printers from multiple Google accounts to CUPS.

The full changelog:

  • New: Depreciated Google ClientLogin replaced with OAuth2 implementation
    • New: Multiple Google user account support, you can now add printers from multiple Google Cloud Print accounts
    • Fix: No longer blindly overwrite printers when adding a new printer with same name as an existing printer
    More information, and packages for the most common Linux distributions are available on the CUPS Cloud Print home page .